Breast Cancer Screening for Mother's Day at St. Luke Hospital

 Breast Cancer Screening for Mother's Day at St. Luke Hospital

On Mother’s Day in Haiti, the May 26th, 2019, the St. Luke Hospital organized a large educational event for Breast Cancer Screening, with more than 200 women having the opportunity to participate. This may not seem like much of a mother's day present to most, but access to healthcare and health education is one of THE most important tools we can provide our patients at St. Luke. In Haiti, most breast cancer patients present at such advanced stages that even modern therapies offer only modest survival benefits, a sad fact that is all too real for doctors and nurses at the hospital. As for incidence and survival rates for patients with breast cancer, Haiti may have the least amount of data available in all of the Western Hemisphere (1).

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In Remembrance of Jephte Lorin, a St. Luke Student

In Remembrance of Jephte Lorin, a St. Luke Student

Jephte Lorin was born on March 15, 1996. In 2016, he was part of the first class, called the Quintessence, to graduation from the Academy for Peace and Justice, the largest school of the St. Luke Foundation. Lorin first entered the school in 2012 when he was beginning his 3rd year of secondary education (in Haiti, secondary school comprised of 7th through 12th grades). He spent four beautiful years amongst our students.

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St. Joan Margaret, a Special Needs School

St. Joan Margaret, a Special Needs School

Shortly after the earthquake in 2010, Madame Judith, the school’s director, helped start St. Joan Margaret school for the blind, deaf, and developmentally delayed. She had previously worked with another special needs school that sadly fell during the earthquake. With the limited resources following that earth shaking event, the school started out in a shipping container. Thanks to our wonderful partner, The Rava Foundation in Italy, we were able to build a beautiful school with nine classrooms for children in pre-kindergarten to 6th grade. St. Joan Margaret now provides primary education for over 190 children, 80 of whom have hearing disabilities, and 12 of whom have vision impairment.

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A Visit from the Rava Foundation

A Visit from the Rava Foundation

At the beginning of December, the St. Luke Foundation had the pleasure of receiving a visit from our long time friends and partners, Mariavittoria Rava, Dr. Enrico Casano, and Donatella Dipaolo, from the Rava Foundation in Italy. Dr. Casano has been an integral part of our breast cancer screening program that we began with the Rava Foundation’s help at the beginning of 2017. Since the start of the program, we have been able to screen over 2,000 women!

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From Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving (and Isaiah to Isaiah)

Dear friends,

A little over a week ago, when I was driving across Port au Prince to help the Sisters in their clinic, I found a woman on the street in the grips of death.

She was entering a coma from eclampsia, in only her 8th month of pregnancy, and I had to act fast on her behalf, calling a friend at a private hospital to assure her a place. I paid a truck (tap-tap) to race her there, since I could not, in any way, fit her in my small off road "polaris", and there was no time to lose looking for an ambulance.

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An update on Hurricane Matthew relief from Fr. Rick

Hello friends,

A brief note because of limits of time at the desk:

On Sunday evening our 4th barge load of materials left for Jeremie (Nan Roche).

We met the barge, which arrived Monday evening, and on Tuesday we unloaded all the materials, in just one day, onto small boats and to shore.

We were blessed by cloud cover without rain, which saved us from getting scorched as we usually do.

The materials include 3400 sacks of cement, 5000 cement block and 240 tons of rebar.

All of this is to build a school at St Victor, Jeremie province, which will be an additional school of the St Luke Programs.

We have also sent two caravans to the north of Haiti so far: to Anse a Foleur and Ounaminthe.

This is more challenging (very aggressive crowds), since we do not have a base there.

With each caravan we learn from the previous difficulties to find the best way to offset the challenges.

Some pictures are attached.

Thanks so much for your support!

God bless you!

Fr. Rick 


Happy Birthday Fr. Rick!

You have a limited number of heartbeats in your life; it is a finite number. And you have a limited number of steps you’re going to take in your life; it’s a finite number and it can be calculated. The question is, what is your heart beating for and where are your steps taking you?
— Fr. Rick Frechette

On August 14th, our beloved friend Father Rick Frechette will turn 64 years old.  

Anyone who has been lucky enough to meet Father Rick is inspired by him. This is a man with an extraordinary commitment to peace, justice, and service – and we believe he deserves to be celebrated.  

In honor of Father Rick, his team, and all the St. Luke Foundation has built to serve the poorest of the poor in Haiti, please join us in celebrating 64 remarkable years. 

The best part? Your generosity will be put to good use. All donations will benefit the amazing work of Father Rick and the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, whose programs include 32 schools with 12,500+ students enrolled, high-quality healthcare for 60,000 patients each year, and community outreach programs that deliver 19,500 gallons of clean water every day.  

Let’s use this opportunity to show our solidarity and give Father Rick and his team the gift of our continued love, appreciation, and much-needed financial support! Happy Birthday Father Rick!