A visit from the School of nursing sciences (DBTec)

On August 5,2019 St Luke Hospital had the honor to welcome more than 60 students in their 4th year of Nursing Science, coming from the School of Nursing with DBTech of Fort Liberty.Students were accompanied by their director, Mrs. Angelika and had the opportunity to visit the various parts and services of St. Luke Hospital. Students were also fortunate to be able to participate in a training based on Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroked. CVAs are one of the leading causes of death in Haiti (WHO 2017), making it important for training on the early warning signs and treatment options for patients. Dr.Dorcelus  Berthie, the Academic Head of St. Luke Hospital, stressed the importance of education and mitigation of risk factors for patients, which would help to prevent this disease that is very common in our country.

In the end they expressed a lot of joy and gratitude to us and we were grateful to be able to provide such training. We are always open to others to share our knowledge and experience in the field of health, and look forward to growing this collaboration in the future.