Our programs combine Haitian leadership with international partnership, creating lasting solutions to the most pressing challenges facing Haiti.

The St. Luke Foundation is a native, Haitian, benevolent organization which both helps those in immediate need, and empowers people whose lives are plagued by poverty and its deadly effects, by enabling community development and helping people determine their own future.

The St. Luke Foundation is part of the centuries old tradition of the Roman Catholic Church called corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Simply and beautifully stated, this means “faith in action,” for the betterment of the poor and the betterment of the world. All aspects of the work of the St. Luke Foundation, financial and operational, are carried out in full independence of Church and State. We are respectful of the opinions and beliefs of both those who benefit from our help, as well those who offer help to us.

The St. Luke Foundation was founded by young adults who were raised, from childhood, in the Haitian branch of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (in Haiti called "Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs"), founded by Fr. William Wasson.

It was Fr. Wasson's dream that his homes for vulnerable children would produce young adults who would be deeply Christian and deeply caring, leaders fully engaged in improving conditions for the people of their impoverished homelands.

While the St. Luke Foundation and Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs are sister missions that work in full collaboration, the St. Luke Foundation is autonomous and independent of all partners, and is the sole owner and manager of our multiple programs and initiatives.

The St. Luke Foundation is very proud of the many partners who enable and strengthen our endeavors in healthcare, education, agriculture, community development and disaster relief in Haiti, through their financial support and their direct and personal involvement with our programs.


Our Mission


We provide healthcare, education, and dignified humanitarian outreach to the least served populations of Haiti, with programs that employ more than 1,000 Haitian staff members.


Our History


An inspired group of Haitian leaders founded the programs of Fondation St. Luc in 2000 with the support of their mentor, Father Rick Frechette. Together, these leaders worked in the densely populated shantytowns around Port au Prince, running medical clinics and simple schools. Since then, with the assistance of international partners, the programs of Fondation St Luc have grown organically, one steady step at a time, into a multi-tiered and interrelated system of programming.


The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, the U.S.-based counterpart to Fondation St Luc, was officially incorporated in the fall of 2010. The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti is a 501(c)3 with the mission of supporting the leadership and staff of Fondation St. Luc programs in Haiti.


Our Team


Each program we support is led by a Haitian professional.



Our Advisory Board, Ambassadors Program, and Medical Volunteer Brigades work to support the Haitian team.


International Partners

Healthcare and educational institutions from around the world provide expertise to strengthen programs.


Father Rick Frechette

While every St Luc program is led by a Haitian professional, Father Rick continues to guide, advise and lead by example in Haiti.


Our Board of Directors

As a U.S., tax-exempt, 501(C)(3) nonprofit, the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti maintains a board of directors to ensure transparent and sustainable operations. View our financials.
Fr. Leo Richard Frechette
President and Executive Director

Jean Nebez Augustin
Vice President

Patricia Rowland

Frank J. Krafft

Martine Maignan
Board Member