Great challenges exist in Haiti. Uncovering opportunity and the potential for every Haitian family means working closely with community members to develop authentic and sustainable solutions.


Portrait of Wilcky Myrthil

Meet WilCky Myrthil

A team of six Fondation St Luc staff members provide daily assistance and vital care for the marginalized and neglected men and women at the state run facility for mental illness. They bring food for the patients, serve as activity companions and offer assistance with self care such as cutting hair and nails and washing clothes. The team is run by Wilcky Myrthil, a young man who grew up in an orphanage and describes himself as “just grateful to have a way to give back.”

Our Impact


gallons of clean water delivered every day


EMT services


burials and celebrations of life each month

Our Programs

The St. Luke outreach teams engage the most underserved communities and beyond, bringing direct humanitarian aid to areas marginalized by poverty and unemployment.

  • Emergency Response: Lead by two EMT-trained Haitians who are 24-hour emergency call to respond to emergencies throughout the city in the absence of a coordinated governmental emergency response system.

  • Mental Health: A small team travels to a state mental hospital giving psychological aid, friendship, and support on the human level to the marginalized residents of the facility.

  • Water Delivery: Water trucks bring clean, potable water to the least served areas of the city six days a week, delivering not just water but also a great deal of hope in these areas.

  • Caring for the Dead: We provide compassionate, dignified and sanitary burial for families who do not have the means to organize and for the abandoned dead unclaimed at the Port-au-Prince morgue.

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