Each September thousands of Haitian mothers and fathers struggle to find a school for their children, overcoming tremendous hardships as they fight to give their children a chance at education.


Magdala & Marie Ange


Magdala and Marie Ange are sisters who attend our St. Amboise Primary School. Magdala wants to be a doctor so she can save people’s lives. Marie Ange is deciding between between being a teacher or doctor. “I’m not sure,” she said. “But either way I know I can do it if I keep working!”

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school designed for children who are deaf or blind

Our Programs

The St. Luke school system began on the streets of Cite Soleil. While Fr. Rick and the St. Luke team conducted medical clinics, they also began to run informal education programs for the children in the area. What started with humble activities aimed at keeping children active and off the streets has grown to be a comprehensive, state-accredited network of schools.

Voices of Haiti

Voices of Haiti

  • The majority of our 33 primary schools are located in the most challenging and least served areas of Port-au-Prince, while others have been opened in the provinces, including St. Louis du Sud, Camperin, Jacmel, Jeremie, Fonds des Blanc, and Limonade. Partners that enable these schools to thrive include the Andrea Bocelli Foundation; The Francesca Rava Foundation; Pen, Paper and Peace and others.

  • Our special needs school, St. Joan Margareth, serves children living with vision, hearing, and speech disabilities. This school gives children the chance to be educated and valued in a culture that often does the opposite.

  • Through our school programs, we have been able to offer some of our children the opportunity to sing in a choir called Voices of Haiti. Through partnership with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, the children have had the opportunity to sing with Bocelli in New York and Italy.

  • The students who graduate from our Port-au-Prince primary schools have the opportunity to attend our trailblazing secondary school, the Academy for Peace and Justice. The Academy is funded and supported by our long-time partners at Artists for Peace and Justice. APJ is committed to our students for the long haul and we are grateful for their devotion to our students.

  • After high school, our St. Luke students, along with members of the local community, can apply to attend our professional school, Notre Dame de Guadalupe, which has courses in Nursing, Telecommunications, Plumbing and Electrician Work with Solar Specialization. This school serves over 400 future leaders in their fields and has operated with great support from NPH Germany, ORT and the Dharma Drum Mountain Foundation.


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