You’ve read the headlines about Haiti: Poverty. Despair. Corruption.

Just some of the challenges:

  • Promised aid has not reached Haitians.
    You may have heard about the billions of dollars pledged to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. In truth, most of those funds never arrived.

  • Outsiders often ignore the experience of Haitian leaders.
    In addition to the massive presence of the United Nations, thousands of non-governmental-organizations, religious institutions, and others operate in Haiti. Many try to solve challenges by applying outsider experiences and viewpoints.

  • Post-disaster healthcare options are still nearly non-existent.
    And healthcare providers have long avoided some of the most troubled neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince.

  • Literacy and employment rates in Haiti are among the lowest in the Western Hemisphere.
    Access to quality schools is a luxury for much of the country and too many children are never given a chance to study.

There is truth in the above bullet points. The need is enormous.  

And yet these truths are not the whole truth.  

The part of the narrative that too often goes untold, is the story of Haitian people working, innovating, and transforming their own country, one patient, one student, one opportunity, at a time.


At The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, we know how much can be accomplished with your help.

Watch the video below to see what we can do by working together.


At the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, we believe in the possibility of a more prosperous and independent Haiti. Every day, our programs — run by highly skilled Haitian leaders — save lives and create opportunity. By following a shared vision for the future, we will walk hand-in-hand towards making that vision a reality.