Each one of the programs run by Fondation St Luc, which the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti exists to support, is led by a Haitian professional. Many of these inspiring leaders grew up in the care of Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs (Our Little Brothers and Sisters), a nonprofit organization that runs group homes for children in high-risk situations.

As these young people grew into adulthood, they envisioned a new organization whose goal would be to propel change and progress in Haiti. This initiative became Fondation St Luc.

While Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs and Fondation St. Luc are two distinct institutions with separate financials, mission statements, and organizational structures, there remains a great deal of overlap on the ground and the organizations work together in a spirit of solidarity and in family and friendship.

The “Haitian Heroes” section of our blog features stories of the work and commitment of these leaders.

Members of the Fondation St Luc team in Haiti.


Fondation St Luc Awards and Honors

  • The U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Pam White, has visited our programs on two occasions and has expressed support and admiration for the organization.

  • In 2013, Raphael Louigene was honored as the Kenneth Cole Humanitarian of the Year for his courageous work in the fight against cholera.

  • In 2012, key leaders were selected to participate in a four-week leadership initiative funded and provided by Ernst and Young. This initiative was aimed at identifying and strengthening leaders in the developing world.