A large and diverse group of volunteers give their time, support and expertise to keep the St. Luke Foundation growing, spreading the word, and supporting the leadership team in Haiti. Learn more below.

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These U.S.- and Canada-based volunteers make an enormous impact by spreading the word about our programs in Haiti, reaching out to friends or potential partners, hosting events, or just keeping our work in mind as opportunities arise. Every ambassador works in his or her own way.

Our Junior Ambassadors are high-school students who complete service learning, internships, and outreach to schools through our Building Bridges Program.


Interested in becoming an ambassador?


Medical Volunteers

Clinicians and teaching professionals interested in visiting Haiti and working together with our staff are invited to reach out to begin a dialogue! Continuing education and specialty care is a big part of what we do, and wed be grateful to be in touch with you.

The first step is to fill out a short questionnaire. We'll be in touch to keep the conversation moving!



Advisory Board

A collection of long-time friends who donate significant time and professional skills to support and encourage the vision of the Haitian leadership team.


Tony Alessi, Neurologist

Karen Buck, Nonprofit Communications

Peter Cognetti, Family Physician

Jim Corcoran, Project Manager

Jemima Douyon, Educator

Terri Frechette-Brainerd, Operations

Stacey Helming, Digital Communications

Dan Hottinger, Resident Physician

Brett Jackson, Software & Logistics

Danielle Knoepfler, Nursing Education

Michael McCurdy, Physician Education


Dick McGlaughlin, Physician

Dan Pace, Accounting and Operations

Bhavesh Patel, Physician and Critical Care Education

Marek Paliwoda, Dermatologist

Megan Popa, Nursing Education

Patty Rowland, Development

Mark Schade, Infrastructure & Operations

Andrew Shipley, Attorney

Nicole Shirilla, Physician

Wynn Walent, Development & Volunteer Coordination

Donald Zimmer, Emergency Physician