In Remembrance of Jephte Lorin, a St. Luke Student

We are sad to report that during one of the recent protests in Haiti due to the ongoing political crisis, a previous student from our secondary school, Academy for Peace and Justice (APJ), was shot and killed.

Jephte Lorin was born on March 15, 1996. In 2016, he was part of the first class, called the Quintessence, to graduation from the Academy for Peace and Justice, the largest school of the St. Luke Foundation. Lorin first entered the school in 2012 when he was beginning his 3rd year of secondary education (in Haiti, secondary school is comprised of 7th through 12th grades). He spent four beautiful years amongst our students. Lorin came from an impoverished background, living with his sister in Petite Place Cazeau while attending our school. His parents live in Titanyen, and he is one of eight children, five sisters and two brothers.

On February 14, 2019, around 7:00pm, Lorin was shot by two bandits on a motorcycle near Shalom church as he was returning from giving two friends a ride. He was a very productive, wise, and smart gentleman.

In collaboration with some of his fellow classmates from APJ, Lorin created a small musical and artistic production group. He was very close with the Osais family, whose children are some of the best students in the school.

The Osais famiy, a group of talented musicians who have performed for APJ and throughout Haiti, said that Jephte was on a good path to become a great artist and producer. Sadly, his time was cut short as a result of this recent crisis, and the evil acts of people with lesser education.

We wish to extend our sincere condolences to Jephte’s parents and siblings, the Osais family, to the Quintessence promotion, to all the students at the Academy, and to all the APJ donors that have helped St. Luke Foundation to create opportunities for students to impact their communities and Haiti as a whole for a better tomorrow. Even through these difficult times, we will keep pressing forward.

Rest in Peace Jephte.