Follow-up to Urgent Donations Needed

Dear friends of our St Luke Mission in Haiti,

About six weeks ago, I sent out an appeal, and I just want to report back to you that THANKS TO YOUR HELP, we are still able to maintain three different cholera centers, that save lives of adults and children.

We reached our goal of funding the cholera centers, especially St Mary field hospital in Cite Soleil, and St Luke Hospital in Tabarre, for another year.

It is a relief to all of us to have this funding secured! I thank you, again!

While so much of world news is distressing lately, if you watch any news of Haiti, you know that we are struggling under political chaos, a political and constitutional crisis related to fraudulent elections.

It seems the elections will have to be redone. In the meantime Haiti is in a kind of free fall, with a related upsurge of street crime and violence.

Also, and very sadly, we are in the 7th week of a full strike of all public hospitals. This is a humanitarian crime, the sick poor are left unattended.

All of us missionaries with healthcare facilities are doing triple time, and stretching to help every patient we can.

So many are in dire need and have nowhere to go, no place to find care.

Thanks to your help, we have added an additional 24 beds to our St Luke hospital.

It’s tragic that we don’t have room for every person in need, but your help allows us to make place for as many as we possibly can.

Please don’t give up on us if you can help.

We need additional help to care for the people who already occupy these beds.

We have received your donations with gratitude, and in the spirit of Pope Francis’ proclamation of the year of Mercy.

You have made Mercy real, here and now.

I remember you all in my prayers of thanksgiving.

We are so grateful for your generosity and solidarity.

God bless you

Fr Rick Frechette CP