A Reflection from Wilflo Fontus

In the summer of 2014, Wilflo Fontus was the victim of a violent attack that left him paralyzed from the waste down. At the time of the attack Wilflo had been working in accounting at St. Luke's Hospital while also finishing his university studies.  Wilflo nearly lost his life that day and since then has faced down challenge after challenge with incredible strength, grace and faith.  Wilflo is now the coordinator of social services at St. Luke's Hospital, a role he actively sought out and has embraced with full heart.     Please find a reflection from Wilflo below.

Many stories marked me and I learned good lessons from them since I started a new social worker program at the St. Luke's Hospital. This program helps abandoned, sick and underprivileged people and find the help they need (food, medicine, clothing etc ..)

* First Story:
A deaf father named Lussame had two sons: Lucson and Job. Lucson was very ill and all three were transported by ambulance to the St. Damien Hospital. There they asked the age of Lucson to his little brother because the father couldn’t hear. He replied that Lucson was 16. Age unfortunately too advanced to be supported in this pediatric hospital... The father panicked and began to shout very loudly in the courtyard of the hospital because the life of his son was in danger and he didn’t know what to do. But God was there and sent an angel through Father Enzo to deliver them and take them to St. Luke's Hospital which is an adult hospital. There the boy received totally free health care through our social assistance program.

When Lucson began to recover and was able to leave the hospital, i asked the son Job where they live to see if a driver from the hospital could bring them home. I was surprised when he told me they were living on the street under the eaves of a market. For me it was really embarrassing to let these people in the street with a sick son. So I called Father Enzo who is a man of good heart to explain him the situation. He shared my opinion and less than three days after, he had found them a home where they could live like everyone. Now Lussame and his son are safe amidst these two families that are NPH and St. Luke Foundation (Haiti). Lucson is in top form, Job goes to school and his father found a work.

*Second story:

This week a paralyzed lady arrived at St. Luke's Hospital, seated on a wheelchair. I observed her for a while.

I was immediately impressed by this lady because despite her disability, she was helping an old man to walk and sit in a wheelchair. She seemed really courteous and very courageous.Two days later she was back at the hospital. I had a strong desire to question her, and without hesitation, I approached her. She said she was the mother of two children aged 6 and 10 years. Her husband had abandoned them in the hospital few months after the earthquake of 12 January 2010 which had let her disabled. She explained that every day she was selling spices in the city center in order to ensure the survival of her children. But by spending most of the day sitting in her wheelchair, she had caught a pressure sore in the buttocks.

It was really sad to hear her story and at the same time, I thanked God for giving her the courage to overcome the trials of her life despite everything. Before she left we gave her some pasta but I realized that this would not be sufficient to meet their needs. This lady deserved a shop in her own home, which would be less tiring. I explained the situation to Father Rick which is a merciful and compassionate man, and he allowed us to help this women to open a shop at home.

Indeed sometimes our lives seem to switch but God lets us live, not for ourselves, not for our parents, but to help the most vulnerable. I am convinced that God never abandons us, even if our lives seem very difficult, he is always there to help us. Regardless of the situation we live we can always serve God and help others. Myself, as a victim and disabled, in my suffering I was questioning God, asking why he would not let me die rather than suffer like this.
Now I begin to realize why I’m still alive, this is the plan of God to use me to help others. God can work through everyone.

Finally my dear friends I invite you to say this prayer with me. "Lord, I am answering your call. Yes, I think you have a plan for my life and you're asking me to perform specific works for your glory. I trust you. Fill me with your strength, put in me "the will and the do" as you say in Philippians 2:13. Please support me and support me every day for it. In Jesus' name, amen. "