Year of Grace 2017

Dear Friends and family
As the year ends, I am once again in the provinces of Jeremie (Haiti) where we are still working to help those devastated by Hurricane Matthew last October.
Greener grows the grass,
Taller grow the sprouts,
and heavier on the mountains are the feet of those carrying building materials on their heads,
(in order to put a new roof over the same.)
Firmer are the hands tilling the earth to plant the crop of the season
(right now we are planting yams).
Brisker are the steps of the children who are back at school, and later hustling for water or wood.
Taughter are the hands on the fishing lines and nets, and steadying the boats on the moody sea.
Metered are the hooves of the animals we parade from local market to family farm.
Brighter are the eyes and more determined the minds of those working hard for a better tomorrow.
And, generous are the hearts (yours!) that are helping all of these good things to happen,
and these industrious people to reach that better tomorrow, one day at a time.
Deeper than the good works that we are doing together
we have decidedly taken the side of God
in the battle between life and destruction,
between light and darkness.
We are co-authors with God of the dynamic book of life, rewriting the history of the human family so the tales of tragedy blend into the poems of fulfillment and peace.
Let’s not turn back for a second. Let us continue to be goodness and light,  throughout 2017.
May it be a year of blessing, for us and for you!
Fr Richard Frechette