Sacrifice at the golden price of our St Luke Foundation staffs

We are always grateful for our St Luke Foundation employees, particularly in light of the chaos the country has been going through for over two weeks. The most recent turmoil began with a great revolt against the government in place, triggered by the fuel shortages and corruption. You wouldn't realize, as it's not reported in the news, but our employees risk their lives every day to come to work, especially our medical staff and our ambulance drivers. They work 24/7 to ensure the necessary care of our patients and we often use all of our ambulances to transport our employees.

Every day, our brave staff is hindered in their transport by roads barricaded with burning tires. Many protestors are after reasonable aims, but this chaotic situation makes the situation downright violent, and our staff is sometimes verbally and physically impacted with slurs and even protestors throwing stones at the ambulances.

In spite of everything, they put their lives at risk to come to work because they know people rely especially on our medical services. With the participation and collaboration of everyone we always believe in a better and prosperous Haiti. Thank you always for your support.