Republican Senator Robert Phillips Corker from Tennessee visits St. Luke Hospital on June 1st, 2018

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Fr. Rick together with Dr. Augustin, Dr. Colas and two other people from the medical team of St. Luke  hospital were happy to welcome the senator along with the USAID staff and the representative of UNICEF and other members.The visit was guided by Dr. Augustin the medical director of the St. Luke Foundation. The new project is supporting safe water and sanitation for Haiti to continue fighting against Cholera. 

The United States through USAID will provide funds to UNICEF to improve public health by constructing a wastewater treatment system for the St. Luke Hospital.

The implementation of this project is scheduled for Fall 2018. The septic tank is sponsored by the UN and the training center is sponsored by USAID inside the St. Luke hospital located at the end of the Cholera center at the St. Luke hospital.