New St. Luke's Hospital to Host International Training Conference

On April 27th we will mark a momentous milestone in our health care work as we gather to inaugurate the new St. Luke's Hospital. Over the following two days, April 28th and 29th, our local staff will lead the first international conference at the new training center housed in the hospital: The Haitian Acute Care and Emergency Care Conference.

This conference has been organized with support of the Mayo Clinic and University of Maryland Medical Center with participation from Haitian institutions that include MSF, PIH Mirebalais Hospital, Bernard Mevs Hospital and Hopital Univeraitaire La Paix.

The training center was constructed thanks to the support of our friends at USAID's American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program.

Dr. Augustin, director of the St Luke medical mission describes why this educational work is so important for the country,

"Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a guarantee of quality in healthcare. This conference will be our first contribution to the development of CME culture in Haiti, strengthening Haiti's health care system by creating a unique platform for the promotion of training, teaching, and sharing between healthcare professionals. It will be the first of many such experiences at St. Luke's new training center, furthering our primary goal of bringing quality and dignified care to the most vulnerable. We are very excited about this challenge and opportunity, and we continue striving for excellence and the highest quality in serving those in need."

Dr. Bhavesh Patel, a long time St. Luke friend and a founding member of our Advisory Board, describes the impact in similar terms:

“The Haitian Acute and Emergency Care Conference is a cornerstone for collaboration and innovation, bringing dedicated medical professionals together to create and refresh solutions to meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve. This outstanding cast of local and international speakers will share knowledge, skills and fellowship through the use of multimedia and multilingual presentations and simulation, setting the standard for medical education in Haiti going forward.”

Hospital Construction

The Hospital's Beginnings

St. Luke's Hospital was founded in response to the devastating earthquake of 2010 in order to provide a safe and dignified place for patients in urgent need. Many medical facilities had fallen or been damaged by the earthquake and the need for healthcare was overwhelming.   Beginning in a simple structure that used empty shipping containers as walls and a simple tin roof,  the idea behind the hospital was simple: start small and begin practical work in service of those in need.

Thanks to the vision and perseverance of our inspiring Haitian leaders and to the support of generous friends and supporters, the hospital has grown into a high level facility providing life saving care to patients from across the country. Our international clinical partners have assisted our team in adding a robust and comprehensive continuing education program that gives our staff the opportunity to learn and to teach, and keeps our outcomes improving every year.

Thanks to Our Supporters

On behalf of our staff in Haiti, and the many families who find life-saving care, we thank you for your continuing support.  

We also thank USAID for its support of the training center, as well as all of the international partners that help make St. Luke's such a special place to work.

Finally, we send our deepest gratitude to Mr. Jim Corcoran, whose expertise, generosity, compassion and tenacity have been the driving force behind the construction of the new hospital and training center.