Celebrating our surgical success!

From November 11-18th, 58 surgeries were performed at the St Luke Hospital led by our Friends from Global, Surgical and Destination Healthcare (GSD Healthcare), which is comprised of health care providers from all over the U.S., including Mayo clinic Arizona. Dr. Mitch Humphreys, together with his group, was able to help Haitian men who were fully catheter dependent with 25 HoLEP (Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate) surgeries performed. HoLEP is a unique surgical procedure that offers a permanent solution to help men to urinate and keep their kidneys from failing while requiring minimal future care. It is SO specialized that only about 15-20 centers in the United States offer this procedure. These individual cases where chosen by St. Luke Hospital among the community to benefit this point of care treatment. The GSD volunteer staff also performed 34 general surgeries including hernia, Hydrocele, lipomas and circumcision, while training and teaching St. Luke staff at the St. Luke Hospital Training Center, all at no cost to the patients! 

The long term goal of the GSD collaboration is to strengthen the capacity of our Haitian doctors and staff to provide high-level care for young adults and adults, in their own country, by constant and continuous medical education. Thanks to this partnership, St. Luke Hospital is now proud to have the first high power holmium laser in the country, enabling the future of specialized urologic care to the most vulnerable patients.

This was the fifth time since 2013 that GSD Healthcare, Mayo Clinic and St. Luke Foundation  have combined their efforts to bring  this annual November urology and surgical week to the most vulnerable and medically needed patients. So far, more than 200 patients have benefited HoLEP surgery, with 25 HoLEPs performed in one week representing almost 2 months of surgeries in the United States. This year was unique in the rich educational program and conference that was hosted working towards future sustainability.

We want to thank all the doctors, nurses, and volunteers who came during our training week; working hard, with good heart and love to cure and care for our patients and provide their skills and knowledge to the St. Luke physicians. Special thanks to Dr. Bhavesh Patel, Dr. Alyssa Chapital, Dr. Donald Zimmer, Dr. Scott Cheney, Dr. Damon Simpson, Marc Walsh, and Dr. Rick Skupski, who were here, many of whom who have been with us since the program started. Additional special thanks to all of our surgery staff, including all of the wonderful doctors, nurses, and  the local staff. Without everyone help we wouldn’t have been so successful. Men Anpil, Chay Pa Lou!