Prayer at the Laying of the Three Wreaths on the Anniversary of the Earthquake

Your young dreams quickened our steps,
your bright spirits were eager to heal
a weary world.

you were given too early to wear
the crown of sacrifice unforseen,
and the wearing has broken our hearts.

from your place in the glory of God
where all dreams have been made full,
bless our dreams made feeble by your absence.

Praise God for the light and the love
for the strength, the hope and the peace
that have flourished in hearts of good will
hearts far beyond counting, from the very moment you died.

Was it you not who lit such holy fires?

When you speak of us to God
tell him we loved your light
your courage and your joy
and to please make them ours

that we might quicken each others steps,
in our eagerness to heal a weary world.


Prayer at the laying of the three wreaths
in honor of all who died
January 12, 2012

Fr Rick Frechette
Port au Prince
January 12, 2016