At the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, we believe in the possibility of a more prosperous and independent Haiti. Every day, our programs — run by highly skilled Haitian leaders — save lives and create opportunity. By following a shared vision for the future, we will walk hand-in-hand towards making that vision a reality.


Make an Impact


A home in Cite Soleil

Our homegrown programs in health care, education, economic development, and outreach save lives and create opportunity for Haitian families and communities.


Members of the St Luc leadership team

The inspiring leaders of Fondation St Luc envisioned a new kind of organization to propel change and progress in Haiti, and each day work to accomplish their vision.


Volunteers assist our Haitian team

Our minimal fundraising expenses and strong volunteer team mean 97.3% of every dollar donated goes directly to our programs in Haiti.

Join the Team

“International volunteers are so essential to our work. They dedicate their time, with compassion and love, working tirelessly in support of our team. They are a big part of our St. Luke family and we are grateful for their friendship.”

—Dr. marc edson Augustin
director of the st. luke medical programs


Updates From Haiti