An Update from Father Rick & FATHER ENZO

Our Response

In addition to delivering supplies by boat and barge, St. Luke teams have made countless trips by land to the most severely affected regions.

These trips have focused on the following four objectives:

Restoring Agriculture and Livelihoods

We've provided resources and seeds to farmers replanting crops such as coconut and banana trees, yams, carrots, broccoli, corn, beans, millet, okra, and cassava.

In addition, our teams have purchased fishing boats, nets, and essential livestock to allow families to reclaim their independence and livelihoods.

helping families rebuild

After providing tents and emergency shelter in the days immediately following the hurricane, our teams have moved on to provide roofing, cement, and cinder block to help families repair and rebuild in ways that will last.


promoting Health and Hygiene

Our teams have supported hygiene and community health by providing water filtration systems, hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes,  Clorox,  and aqua tabs, 

We have also strengthened medical programs by opening a new St. Luke clinic in St Louis du Sud and continuing efforts to provide access to care in Jeremie province.

providing Food and Clean Water

In the days after the hurricane St. Luke teams provided large amounts of food and clean water in areas that were at risk for famine and extreme food insecurity. We have continued to supplement food supplies in areas of urgent need as we simultaneously focus on the vital replanting that will enable families in these areas to achieve greater food independence.


You can make a difference!

a reflection on the trip - Father Enzo 

From Father Enzo’s blog post, "Pulled by the Rope of Love" about our first barge trip to the southwest of Haiti:

As many of you may already know, two weeks ago Fr. Rick and I traveled by sea on a barge carrying one million pounds of supplies. Among the much-needed items we were transporting to the people in the region of Grand’Anse affected by Hurricane Matthew were rice, beans, seeds, and construction materials (items such as cement sacks, blocks, iron bars, and metal sheets). It was amazing to see such a big barge with so much weight on it pulled by a small tugboat with only one thick rope. We left the port of Port au Prince ‪at 4 PM‬ and arrived ‪at 2 M‬ the following day. Most of the trip was done by night in the darkness. On one hand, it was amazing to see the sky full of stars with the different constellations, along with the north star and the southern cross.