Fr. Rick is turning 65!!

Fr. Rick is turning 65!!

As you've probably seen, the last few weeks in Port-au-Prince have been turbulent and trying. As usual, Father Rick and the team have been fighting through impossible obstacles and stretching to help as many possible.

In this trying and stressful moment, some birthday wishes and support sure would help!

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The Visit of the new Archbishop of Port au Prince

Today we are very honored and blessed to receive the visit of the new Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, Max Leroy Mésidor, who was appointed by Pope Francis three months ago, to replace our good friend Archbishop Guire Poulard.

The archbishop said when he first came to Port-au-Prince, he had a list of places that he would like to visit in the city and he wrote them on his agenda; he has heard a lot about both Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs and the St. Luke Foundation and for sure we were figured on his list.

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Easter Sunday: Carrying Forward the Flame of God's Light

Two baby girls were born. Alleluia!

The gift of life.

They are 9 days old today. Each of a different family and circumstance.

In one family, this baby is so very precious. All kinds of tiny baby wardrobe already fill the drawers, the bassinet is ready, the family glows with the light of new life. The name is carefully chosen, a christening is carefully planned. The life of this new bundle of joy is offered to God.

For the second baby, the circumstances of the mother changed during her pregnancy. Her husband has left her, she has no work, she is afraid. Where she lives is riddled with violent crime, even rape. Her baby is also very precious to her, but her life is full of desperate worries.

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Tenebrae and The Funeral of Jesus

Tenebrae and The Funeral of Jesus

Dear Family and Friends,

I remember when I was a child, I often heard my grandmother say, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

After 39 years of priesthood, and 30 of these years as a priest and physician in Haiti, I am afraid I have seen plenty of people considerably and permanently wrecked by “what didn’t kill them.”

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Sanon's First Lent

Dear friends and family,

About two weeks ago, I received a phone call from two vintage friends, friends of 35 years, who called to ask me if I was dead.

They had heard a rumor, from a priest in Baltimore (my first assignment as a baby priest, back in 1979), that I had died in Haiti. 

Maybe that priest heard about the priest that was killed in Port au Prince in December, and thought it was me.

In any case, my friends were somewhat panicked.

When I saw the international number ringing on my phone, I did not want to answer it. Too often, long distance calls are bad news. I was panicked too.

Little did I know that the the bad news I would hear on the phone was about me and my demise.

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Voices of Haiti in Miami, with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation

They have collected standing ovations everywhere, they have been the soundtrack of the “Lincoln Center Global Exchange”, they have sung at The United Nations for the royal family of Sweden, at the Teatro del Silenzio and for the Pope.

Through their performances they have, once again, given evidence of how art can be a powerful instrument of cooperation, a tool for the development of one’s own potential and an instrument to show the strength, the colors, and the positivity of a land.

In the heart of Miami, in the prestigious Frost School at the Miami University, the kids of the choir “Voices of Haiti” have been the stars of an exciting meeting with the students, a musical meeting where the singers have reciprocally sung for one another.

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